Deep Stretch

Deep Stretch

This is our slowest and coolest class, it’s great for beginners and helps lengthen and release sore muscles! Taught in a warm environment (80-85 degrees), this class moves through a series of poses that target the deeper tissues that lay beneath the muscle. Each pose is held for 6-8 breaths. Blocks, straps and bolsters may be used for extra support, and to assist you in going deeper into the pose.



Vinyasa means a gradual progression or a step-by-step approach that systematically and appropriately takes a student from one point and safely lands them at the next point. It is sometimes described as the “breathing system,” or the union of breath and movement that make up the steps.  Sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy. Emphasis is placed on alignment; standing, and balancing postures are incorporated to promote muscular endurance and flexibility.  These classes move at a moderate pace usually holding postures for 3-5 breaths in a room heated to 90 degrees.



Move at a vigorous pace to heat your body inside and out. This is our fastest and hottest class, poses are held for 1-2 breaths and the room is heated to 100 degrees.  The combination of powerful movement with strong transitions and deep breaths are sure to challenge your cardiovascular system, tone your body, and exhilarate your mind.

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Prenatal Yoga uses postures, breathing, and meditation to help ease pregnancy, delivery, and the after effects of birth. The classes create strength, focus, flexibility and awareness through a gentle practice designed especially for the pregnant woman’s needsBreathing techniques.  Classes are not heated, the first 15 minutes of practice will allow for open discussion in a group sharing atmosphere, 60 minutes of practice which includes a generous savasana (final rest pose).
*Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.