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 Yoga On Davidson

Yoga On is a hot yoga studio that offers a strong sense of community, a deep knowledge and appreciation of the practice, and the desire to re-invent the yoga experience with an innovative approach to studio design. Our yoga classes will not only focus on proper breathing, relaxation and meditation, but our students will also get a great workout with each class.

By combining energetic routines with optimal poses in a heated room, Yoga On classes will increase circulation, flexibility, and strength. We believe that a balanced lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle!

A16A8433Yoga On’s teaching philosophy is to connect purposeful movements with mindful breathing. Our educational approach improves body awareness and promotes presence. While you are in our class, we encourage you to clear your mind and be in the present. We offer yoga in a way that helps you think independently so you can incorporate what you learn into your life beyond the mat.

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