Vision and Goal Setting

What’s your New Year’s resolution?  Come on you know you made one, or maybe you wanted to but didn’t because you were afraid you wouldn’t be able to follow through on it (January gym goers, you know who you are). Maybe you think a year is a long time to make a commitment and you don’t want to set yourself up for failure, things always come up-that’s life!  The point is there’s always an excuse, but a resolution doesn’t have to be scary. This year I decided I wasn’t going to set a New Year’s Resolution, instead I took a different approach.   I decided not to think about a big lofty commitment for a whole 365 days, 366 days this year (dang leap year!) you know like: being skinnier, eating only healthy food (no pizza or carbs who was I kidding!), being more organized, meditating everyday, practicing yoga everyday… the list of all the things I would like to do could go on FOR-EVER.


I decided to recommit to a practice that I learned while working at Lululemon. Lululemon is a lot more than just fabulous stretchy pants and yoga gear… they make supporting their local community including gyms and studios a top priority. Not to mention  they are amazing to their employees.   Part of my training  in order to sell said stretchy pants included setting a 10 year vision for myself and goals that would need to be in place in order to see that vision become a reality.


That’s right – they realized the time they spent getting me to think about what I really want in life and my ultimate happiness, would make me a better employee 🙂  This practice walks you through envisioning your ideal life 10 years in the future.  The idea is that 10 years is far enough away that it allows you to take out some of the common constraints such as time, money, or knowledge.  Once you’ve written down your ideal life in 10 years -your vision- there are steps to break down your vision into categories: Personal, Health, and Career.  Within each category, for example personal,  you break down your vision of your ideal personal life into goals: 10 year, 5 year and 1 year.  Example:  “What do I need to do in 10 years so I’m the person from my vision?” Set a goal, then break it down to a 5 year goal. “What to I need to do in 5 years to get me to my 10 year goal?” Then move on to your 1 year goal “What to I need to do in 1 year to get me to my 5 year goal?”.  It seems much more attainable when you break it down from 10 years to 5 and ultimately down to this one year. By doing this you get to see an actual guideline of what you need to do in order to get yourself to where you want to be.   It won’t happen over night (that’s why its a 10 year vision) or maybe even in a year (again 10 years, just wait for it!) but if you work towards your goals everyday, you can ultimately reach this seemingly unattainable lifestyle.


Lululemon has all the worksheets you need to do your own vision and goals on their website you can find the link for these at the bottom of the post.  For me, the hardest part about this whole experience is sharing my greatest ambitions with everyone. By exposing myself and writing it down on paper, saying THIS is my true desire, this is what I really want.  I keep thinking “what if I fail, what if I don’t meet my goals, what if my goals change?”  The fact is goals do change, I probably will fail at least once but it’s all about getting back to it and working towards the ultimate goal – happiness in my personal, career and health.  I choose to place my mind in a place of positivity, by sharing my goals out loud it allows others to help keep me on track and support me along my journey.  My hope in sharing this blog is that others will share their goals so that we can become a community that supports and encourages one another.   So go ahead, I triple dog dare you… try it out… think about it… what do you REALLY want not just this year but for your best ever future self?



So go ahead, I tripple dog dare you try it out… think about it… what do you REALLY want not just this year but for your best ever future self?

Want more step by step instructions to get started check out Lululemon’s blog.

Click here for access to Lululemon’s vision worksheets and while you are there, make sure you check out all of the awesome content to help you on your journey!


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